February 14, 2014

Discovering the Original

I have always loved this antique sewing table that belonged to my mama. She gave it to me several years ago and I knew one day I would do something with it.  As you can see, it was a bright cherry red; and before that, a solid black.  I recently googled some pictures of this table in its original state.  Darren and I took a few nights to restore the table and I must say, we love it! 

As you can see, we started to cover the red with High Heat Rust-Oleum BBQ black spray paint. The matte black finish is what we wanted … and that is exactly what we got.

We used an electric sander to work through the layers of paint.  Eventually, we discovered the original wood.  While the sides were a bit tricky to sand, we somehow managed to sand away most of the paint. 

And here you go - the finished product!  

I hosted a little Valentine's party for some of my mommy friends and used the table in the entry way for decorations. 

The party turned out really cute!  Here are a few pictures from the Baby Cupid Valentine's Party…

December 31, 2011

Jewelry Display

After a few years of a disorganized jewelry layout, I decided it was about time to get a hand on the mess.  Therefore, I walked around my house and found items I could use to finally organize my jewelry. 

The sconce to the left (which I pained with Heirloom White spray paint) was discovered at a thrift store.  The other hooks were extras I had laying around, perfect for additional necklace display.  

I brought in an extra washcloth rack to hang some of my bracelets; a three-tiered plate display from the kitchen to give additional space for storage; and extra bowls and plates for display.

Here are some other jewelry displays I found online...

1970's Dining Table Takes on a New Look

If you recall, we purchased this table several months ago - and wrapped up the project the night before our Thanksgiving feast!  We love the way it turned out!

We sprayed the chairs and table with Heirloom White spray paint.  Then, we sanded the edges for a vintage look. We then covered the cushions with a simple muslin fabric from Hobby Lobby. The table was purchased via Woodlands Online for $200 and we spent around $80 on spray paint and sealer and $15 on the fabric.  Not too shabby for a nice, large dining table.