May 31, 2011

Neo Conquistador - a Futuristic Journey

Amanda Assad Mounser, New York based jewelry designer and amazing sister,
recently debuted her Spring/Summer Line, Neo Conquistador.
Here is the story behind her latest line:
While Assad Mounser's inspiration is predominantly influenced by the gods of the Glam Rock Movement, Spring Summer 2011 focuses on a futuristic journey, one that many a rock star drenched in glitter might sing about. The collection, coined Neo Conquistador, follows a phoenix rising from the ashes of a catastrophic wave of destruction to a path of redemption and rebirth, creating a new world from the rubble. Groups within the collection follow these themes quite literally. Many pieces take on an appearance of an explosion, with shooting rods of metal juxtaposed against cracked rocks and glittering gems, meant to represent glass fragments. Other groups signify religious themes and are ornamented with crucifix pendants and charms. As the story continues, the conquistador searches for relics from the cultures destroyed, finding primitive carved wooden and glass tribal beads, claw drops, and sharp silver cones significant of spearheads. Finally, all the relics are combined into new and modern pieces laced in
vibrant neon colors meant to represent a new day of promise and awakening.

Assad Mounser Look Book
Photography by Amanda's talented husband Henry Mounser
Styling and jewelry by Amanda Assad Mounser 
Hair by Alberto Guzman
Make-up by Janeiro
Model: Flynn Kelly

Stop and Linger

"A room should never be just a place to pass through.  Use accessories to lend character to your space and offer a reason to stop and linger."
~ Pottery Barn