September 9, 2011

New Projects

Painting is underway on our vintage dining set. 

We purchased several bottles of Heirloom White spray paint from Home Depot.  Darren built a little painting booth in the garage so I could spray away. Each chair needed about 2 bottles of spray paint.

Two chairs down, six more to go - oh, and a table...

Next up, sanding - time to rough these chairs up!

 We moved two of the chairs inside to see how they will look in the dining room.  Like!

Fabric for the cushions will be the next step.  We would love to find gray and white Ikat print so now we are on the lookout.  Jo-Ann's has some options (and right now they are 50% off) but we are still looking...

As soon as we complete more of the set, I will post additional pictures. :)

While the Heirloom White was out, I decided to spray a cool sconce I found at a Goodwill.



Next project - found three large frames from Home Goods for $5 each.  I really like the color so decided not to change with paint.

Next, bought three mats from Hobby Lobby and made 8x10 enlargements from Walgreens.

The two outside photos are in black and white.  The middle photo is in color. 
Now, we just need to find the perfect spot in our home for these frames.

Love this vintage frame I found at Elite Antiques in Tomball.  The frame is huge with cool cravings in the wood.  And it came with glass - all for $7.  Such a steal!  Next up, bad white paint job.

Up last are a couple of wood frames I found at Target on sale for $2 each.  I spray painted each white, then sanded down.  We plan to blow up some photos from our travels and place inside.

September 1, 2011


Ok - what I am about to show you will look a little overwhelming to the human eye.  But, take a moment to methodically consider what could actually become of this 1974 dining set from South Carolina. 
That's right, look beyond the obvious and consider the unknown. 

This is the dining room set we just purchased online - and for a complete steal I might add!  We did just as I advised above, we looked beyond the obvious and considered the unknown.  We thought about the purchase for a few days, contemplating how can we were going transform this set to
replicate our dining room design vision. 
Once we decided on what we would do, we pulled the trigger and brought this vintage set home.

While we're still sorting through some last minute ideas, here are some visions of what we hope to re-create with our find.

So this is the before and after of our dining room - now just waiting to be filled with furniture!


We plan to work on a few chairs this weekend so keep on the lookout for a before and after post! :)